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ENCAT Australia Truck Resistant Steel Kerb Lintel Repair Kerbs Drains Straight or Radial
Before After How to repair kerb lintel existing sites without replacing the drainENCAT Australia Truck Resistant Steel Kerb Lintel Repair Kerbs Drains Straight or Radial

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Encat Engineering Pty Ltd - A cover plate for a roadside drain.

2.4m drain

AUD$2600 ex gst supply only

AUD$4500 ex gst supply & fit

We designed this product to help local councils reduce their kerb lintel repair and maintenance costs. The reason most kerb lintels get broken is that the wheel loads exceed the existing concrete lintel’s strength so you see them often getting broken by trucks or busses. 

In most cases the common repair method is to replace the concrete lintel which costs time, money and labour. This becomes a waste of money as typically it only takes a few days for the lintel to be broken again as another heavy vehicle drives over it.

Many councils in Australia now choose to upgrade their kerb lintels with ENCAT’s truck resistant product. Our patented Kerb Lintel TTU (Tough Truck Upgrade) costs less than the install cost to replace a concrete lintel. Read our story on why we made this product here.

This means it is a once off repair cost as the drain will now withstand practically all truck and bus wheel loads and should not require repairs in the future. Ideal for dealing with heavy haulage transport trucks.

ENCAT has been supplying national parks, building contractors, councils, shopping centres and civil construction companies since 1989. Our products are designed and manufactured to meet Australian standards and safety requirements.

Australian manufactured kerb lintels for public roads

ENCAT is an Australian manufacturer of products used on public roads, foot paths and other areas that require civil engineering or custom design. Everything we produce is compliant with Australian laws and requirements.

  • 100% Australian Made.

  • Certified Welding to AS1554

  • Hot Dip Galvanising to AS1214

Product specifications

  • Material:  Metal
  • Colour:    Silver to blend into the concrete
  • Weight:   Varies based on the application and size
  • Lengths:   1.8m, 2.4m, 3m or made to measure for your specific site requirements based on existing conditions.
  • Shapes:   Straight or radial lintels to suit kerb corner installations are available and are measured, designed and manufactured to suit the site location.

Additional information about ENCAT's Truck Resistant Kerb Lintel

ENCAT is Australia’s largest manufacturer and supplier of products used for civil applications in public spaces. Since 1989 we have been designing and manufacturing products used by councils, national parks, schools, universities and other locations. While we specialise in pedestrian fencing we have the skills, tools and equipment to design products to solve many different civil engineering requirements or applications.

Our reputation is second to none with our products used in locations like Venice Beach in Los Angeles, The Blue Mountains in New South Wales and even local national parks like Minamurra Rainforest.

  • Custom design and engineering.

  • Local manufacturing and fabrication.

  • Experience working in difficult to access public spaces.

  • In-house expertise, tooling and equipment.
We can take on any type of civil construction design brief and our expert in-house team can design solutions for you. 
For an obligation free discussion, contact our team or send us a quote request

The NSW Transport Roads and Maritime provide the specifications for stormwater drainage lintels that need to be used on roadways with two options provided which are;

  • Wet cast lintels used for stormwater purposes with steel reinforcement using wet cast concrete. 
  • Lintel and full kerb units used for stormwater purposes with reinforced concrete.
What happens over time with the installation of standard kerb lintels is that, at selected sites, heavy vehicles may regularly be ‘clipping’ the corner or verge where the lintel is installed. This can happen in locations where the roadway is too narrow or there is too much traffic for the vehicle to complete it’s turn without driving over the side of the roadway.

For some corners heavy vehicles are ‘clipping’ the corner or verge where a precast lintel is installed very regularly due to local road conditions. Damage to a lintel is rarely a singular event and the damaged lintels are often proof of this. The reason ‘clipping’ may occur is due to different factors including;  

  • The roadway is too narrow.
  • High traffic volumes or standing traffic restrict a heavy vehicle from performing a wide swing across the other side of the roadway to complete their turn.
  • The corner radius is too small for the vehicle that is attempting to make a turn. 
  • There is a change of traffic use.
  • There is an incorrectly rated lintel installed at the site.
  • Poor driving standards or efforts to avoid mounting the kerb.
  • Road blisters prevent the heavy vehicle from using a path to prevent clipping the kerb.
  • The proximity of traffic light poles, safety cameras or other potential obstructions require the heavy vehicle to ride over the kerb to negotiate the corner safely. 
When vehicles with heavy wheel loads like buses and trucks drive over precast lintels it subjects the concrete to high stress. The wheel loads sometimes exceed the precast lintel load capacity resulting in cracking and ultimate failure of the lintel.  The cracked concrete debris is pushed down into the drain opening and blocks or reduces the water inflow capacity rates. In some cases, the broken concrete will also expose an opening into the pit into which a foot can drop into. This is dangerous for the public. It is important to repair damaged lintels as soon as they are discovered.  
Simply replacing precast lintels with another one is a wasted exercise in many cases. The new precast lintel will get damaged the same way and need replacement in a relatively short period of time which wastes time and money. ENCAT’s steel kerb lintel an ‘unbreakable’ lintel which is essentially a permanent solution that most likely won’t need repair or replacement once installed.

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