I have witnessed firsthand the effectiveness of pedestrian fencing; Encat supplied a section of RMS pedestrian fence in a busy commercial area; despite traffic lights, speed limits and policing, there was a constant stream of pedestrians crossing the road at a mid point. After we installed the road fence all pedestrians crossed at the traffic lights, a win for motorists and pedestrian safety, lives saved. I love being part of this great product
Encat CEO

End post baseplate

End Post baseplate is installed with ALL fencing types, ie type1,2,3,4,5 and will work with both VERGE and MEDIAN panels. Require 2 end posts per run of fencing ie one each end. End posts are designed to prevent spearing of the panel through the post.

This fencing is specially designed to reduce injuries to vehicle occupants and pedestrians in the event of an accident. The unique staggered vertical bar layout helps improve vision for pedestrians and motorists.

The stringent RMS specifications of steel and weld quality ensure that in the event of an accident, when the steel and welds reach maximum yield, the fencing deforms and crushes in a pre-determined designed way to provide the best RMS determined outcomes for pedestrians and vehicle occupants. Spearing injuries from standard balustrades in the past were a problem.

To avoid injuries and litigation it is CRITICAL that the fencing has RMS compliant steel specifications and the welds to Australian Standards performed by a certified welders. You can be assured Encat pedestrian fencing ticks all these boxes.

Our Pedestrian Fencing is 100% Compliant with RMS Drawings, Specifications and Australian Standards.
100% Australian Made. 100% Australian Steel AS3678 & AS3679 (not imported), Certified Welding to AS1554, Hot Dip Galvanising to AS1214.

  • Material:  Hot Dip Galvanised Steel
  • Colour:    Powdercoated any colour  or  Hot dip galvanised finish
  • Weight:   28kg
  • Height:   1366mm
  • Anchors: Not supplied – Require 5 xM20x160mm galvanised chemsets or masonry anchors per post. Minimum 70mm embedment.
  • Supplied with 2 x M10x50mm galvanised bolts, nuts, washers.
  • Used with all Panel types 1,2,3,4,5 VERGE or MEDIAN

Complies with RMS specifications
Factory Direct 100% Australian steel Australian made
In stock, Fast delivery Australia wide
Modular panels easily replaced if damaged by a vehicle

Encat supply all types of Pedestrian fence.  This includes Type 1, Type 2, Type 3, Type 4, Type 5 and Type 6.  If you have any inquiries regarding our pedestrian road fence please contact our office.

Additional information – This Type 1 pedestrian fence is designed and specified by the NSW RMS.  Prior to 2011 this fence was known as RTA pedestrian fence and Type1 pedestrian fence.

The names have recently been changed to include;

  • RMS type one pedestrian fencing
  • RTA type one pedestrian fencing
  • Pedestrian safety barrier type 1
  • RTA pedestrian fencing type 1
  • RMS pedestrian fencing type 1
  • RTA pedestrian fence type 1
  • RMS pedestrian fence type 1
  • Pedestrian fencing type 1
  • Pedestrian fence type 1
  • Road fencing type 1
  • Road fence type 1
  • RTA fencing
  • RMS fencing

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