Cricket Oval Sight Screen

  • Any length or height
  • Sliding Screens
  • Easy to move
  • Heavy duty construction – will withstand hits from cricket balls
  • High quality
  • Will withstand harsh coastal weather conditions
  • Made to last +100yrs and available in any colour
  • Curved or Straight to suit oval shape
  • Engineering certification Supplied. We do it all. Design, inspect & certify.   We liaise with the local council engineering team and get the job done.  Simple and easy. Certified and signed off
  • Encat’s cricket oval sight screens are made from heavy duty materials that will withstand knocks from cricket balls and other sporting equipment.

Sight screens are permanently fixed to the outside of the oval alleviating the need for large storage areas.

Screens feature lock down points and EZY-Roll Stainless steel rollers.