ENCAT Pedestrian Fencing product range

Examples of ENCAT pedestrian fencing installations

Pedestrian Fencing was first designed in the 1990’s by Roads and Maritime Services to be used on the NSW road network. The designs are based on Drawings R0800-10 to R0800-28 and this type of fencing is commonly referred to as Pedestrian Fencing in Australia. The purpose of using this style of fencing isn’t as a road safety barrier and the NSW Government have made it very clear that it hasn’t been designed to deflect or arrest an errant vehicle. 

It’s main function is to create a physical barrier that changes the movement patterns of pedestrians when they are walking along roadways. So in the case of a shopping center area it can deter people from walking across the main road and use the traffic lights instead. You can see an example of this in Mascot where we installed pedestrian fencing with decorative panels. The local council needed to improve public safety and wanted to make the roadway area look nicer for the local shop owners.

ENCAT is a commercial fencing contractor in Australia that specialises in manufacturing Pedestrian Fencing using 100% local steel and producing everything in our factory in NSW. Our pedestrian fence panels are made to extremely high standards using high quality steel, precise welding techniques and to exacting specifications.

We are one of the very few local Australian commercial fencing manufacturers that has been operating since 1989. We have many years of experience supplying fencing contractors, civil works companies, councils, schools, national parks and shopping centers for many years.