A local Australian company designing, manufacturing and
supplying pedestrian fencing & civil use products in Australia since 1989

Our business began from humble beginnings

ENCAT was founded in 1989 as a local Australian engineering firm focused on anticipating and meeting the production requirements of BlueScope BHP and its suppliers. However, thanks to the design-oriented enthusiasm of its resilient founder John Ford and the creative technical expertise of the ENCAT staff, they began to design, manufacture as well as supply a wide range of civil use metal products.

ENCAT is an Australian designer that has crafted an elegant range of products that are suitable for use in public spaces like schools, national parks, roads, shopping centres and even sports grounds. 

The high quality, durable product solutions have stood the test of time, resilient products that are still in use more than ten years later. The ENCAT engineering team are always evolving the form, design and manufacturing of products based on client or public feedback.

ENCAT is continually innovating and can do so with a range of in-house manufacturing equipment where it can test and try different designs using metal. The team constantly tries to create even more effective, attractive and stronger products that are built to last. We pride ourselves on meeting and exceeding our customers’ expectations in terms of price, delivery time, quality, and durability. 

The team has always been focused on delivering engineering excellence with local Australian manufacturing facilities in NSW & only using the best Australian suppliers. A local manufacturing business that can deliver products Australia wide or overseas.

Expanding our range and expertise making civil use products

Over the years ENCAT has build an enviable reputation for not cutting corners, using high quality local Australian steel and delivering a range of products that meet all required Australian standards.

ENCAT can boast a long list of clients including government departments, national parks, local councils, schools, universities and even shopping centre groups who have all used ENCAT products.

One of the key focus areas for ENCAT is the manufacturing and supply of RMS Pedestrian Fencing in Australia. ENCAT can supply pedestrian fencing directly to local councils, government contractors, civil works companies or other entities anywhere in Australia.

ENCAT is an Australian manufacturer of pedestrian fencing that produces everything locally in our factory located in NSW. Everything produced is 100% compliant with the current RMS drawings, specifications and Australian Standards.

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What does putting governance before profit mean to us?

Getting a ‘certificate of compliance’ these days may not mean exactly what it says. Our experience working in the field of pedestrian fencing has given us first-hand knowledge of fencing, or other items, that have not been manufactured correctly with the right techniques or materials.

For example, when it comes to pedestrian fencing it is designed to deform & absorb the energy from an impact to keep people safe and prevent spearing. Pieces shouldn’t break off, detach or become projectiles if hit by a vehicle. We have seen this occur when the fencing has not been made to the stringent specifications required by transport for NSW.

Most companies these days outsource their labour and material sourcing and do not have tight quality control mechanisms to prevent non-compliant products from being supplied and used. This is a risky strategy if your company is using this type of Pedestrian Fencing that has certificates of compliance.

The team at ENCAT refuse to operate in this manner and hence we use Australian sourced metal and manufacture everything ourselves to produce the highest quality products possible – governance before profits.

An Australian
manufacturer since 1989


Owned, designed and manufactured locally

All the products we produce are manufactured in our facility located in Wollongong then supplied anywhere in Australia.


Australian Standards Compliant

Steel - AS/NZS3678-G250, AS/NZ3679.1-G300
Galvanising - AS4680:2006 ISO9001:2015
Powdercoating - AS/4506-2005
Welding to AS1554 Part 1


100% recycled steel

We ensure that we use recycled steel where possible to help with current, and future, environmental concerns.


Australian made steel

Where possible we use steel that is made in Australia and are the only local manufacturer to do so. High quality & to Australian Standards


Class leading powder coating

High quality powder coating materials are used to ensure a long lasting, resiliant finish to all products made.


Class leading galvanising

High quality steel galvanising done locally to ensure every product is tough, durable and designed for local conditions.

In-house custom design and manufacturing capabilities

ENCAT has in-house design equipment, computer aided drawing and 3D rendering software. We can help you design civil use product solutions that are specific to your application.